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Countryside, the Future

We saw Rem Koolhaas’ exhibit at the Guggenheim, and it was *really* interesting. To find it, just look for the only tractor in Manhattan:

Cool things we saw and thought about:

I think this comparison leaves out some important details including women’s liberation, drastic increases in life expectancy, less starving people, and social welfare programs among a few others.

That said! It just reinforces and refines our mission here AOOA which has to do with ecology and biodiversity!! It is not enough to preserve farming families and their culture, and it is not enough to feed more people. We must farm in a way that does good for the planet! No to creating homogeneous landscapes of production that create deserts! Yes to worms, birds, snakes, insects, cow poop, chickens as the insect control, tall grasses with their roots, food for humans, rain gardens, working with the seasons... habitats! replenishing resources! ecosytems!

Here are the many other things we photographed. If you’re in NYC, check it out for yourself!


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