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All One One All (AOOA) Farm invites artists to join our vibrant community by applying for our six-month Artist in Residence Program, which culminates in a fall art show. 


At AOOA, our work extends beyond the fields and kitchen and encompasses a vibrant community of individuals passionate about the interplay between nature, agriculture, and art. We invite artists who share our enthusiasm for exploring biodiverse and productive landscapes to join us! Located at 221 Craigville Road in Goshen, NY, our farm offers a serene and picturesque backdrop for artists to visually document through the medium of their choice.


The application deadline has passed for the 2024 Artist in Residence Program.

Applications for the 2025 Artist in Residence Program will open in Fall 2024.


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Nicole Peyrafitte

Nicole is a Pyrenean-born artist passionate about learning through immersion and response-ability. Whether through paintings, films, texts, photographs, workshops or cooking, her works serve as mementos/reports allowing her to better understand the dynamic symbiotic complexities of the chosen terrain of investigation.


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