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Enjoy a drink at the farm!

(Or if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to meet our part-time donkey servers, Armand and Leroy!)

Just like we sell eggs from our pastured raised heritage hens, wool from our livestock endangered breed sheep, produce from the veggie garden, and honey from the bees, we are developing artisanal liqueurs made with nuts, herbs, fruits, and vegetables from our land. They are products of AOOA’s regenerative land stewardship and another way that we champion agriculture as a tool for good.

Our French-inspired liqueurs, referred to as "crème," have a higher potency at 30% alcohol by volume in contrast to traditional cordials imparting unparalleled intensity.

Our spirits and brandies are hand-distilled in very small batches. The size of our still is 20 gallons, smaller than any other commercial one. It allows us to monitor the distillation step-by-step during the six-hour process. If you want to witness and participate in the process, we will be offering full-day distillation workshops for each brandy in the fall.

The ingredients are freshly picked on the property and heavily packed and macerated several months before finishing the process. No colorings and no artificial extracts are ever used. As our fruit trees mature, the array of liqueurs and spirits made at AOOA will become more plentiful. 

Bottles of our small-batch macerations and distilled spirits are available for purchase in the Farm Stand.

Our seasonal hours are available here


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