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Dog, Meet Ducks

Glendawg comes with me at least once a day to check up, feed, water and clean up the baby Moulard ducks since we got them at 2 days old. He usually stays outside their home. He can get pretty sniffy and excited, and when he does I say a stern no and make him sit and say good dog. I try to get him to sit in a relaxed manner with the hip to one side and a leg flopped down. I’ll bring one to him a little duck to sniff at least 3x a week right outside their duck house. I say gentle and try to convey that there are our ducks and not to be harmed. He has gotten pretty excited, but I always to calm the excitement and reward the gentle and calm behavior.

This week the ducks are 2 weeks old and have gotten quite a bit bigger and less tiny fragile. So, I brought glendog into their house and made him sit. He was intrigued but calm. The baby ducks were on edge, but not in a compact stress huddle. Some went for some water after 15 seconds or so and then glen saw the duck food! He ended up splaying out on the wood chip bedding and eating the duck food. Once in a while he looked up at the ducks, but! no manic energy and crazies. Overall pretty calm! No baby ducks were hurt! Hooray!


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