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The last few weeks we collected hot peppers and chilies to make our own hot sauces. Delicious and easy! Next season we have to plant a lot more so we can sell it at our farm stand. If you have you grow your own peppers or even if you do not, but you have a blender go for it!

We slow roasted or grilled the peppers till you see some blistering and char. Sometimes we peeled them (put gloves on if they are spicy) sometimes we didn't. Put your peeled or unpeeled peppers into a blender with vinegar, salt and some honey to taste et voila! Delish and you know exactly what is in there... four ingredients!

We also made some bread because some of these hot sauces needed some bread to pad the heat!

Also! Did you know chickens don't feel the heat? Even when it is ghost peppers....Chili peppers produce the pungent vanilloid compound capsaicin, which offers protection from predatory mammals. Birds are indifferent to the heat/pain-producing effects of capsaicin so ... they can eat the scraps and serve as vectors for seed dispersal... that is right they are helping up plant the next generation of peppers!


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