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Update – Trees & More Trees

and by trees… well, we mean future trees and more like ity bitty branches! But, look how beautiful! They are in the for now staging area until we get the grounds ready. They are taking well, here are some pictures:

Gooseberry, found burdock root, chestnut, rhubarb, akane apple, seaberry, jostaberry, daisui asian pear, hosui asian pear.

cottonwood and crabapple

The grounds ready entails: removing all the old fencing, while finalizing out layouts and then, preparing the ground by sub-soiling, rototilling, forming the beds, lay plastic and setting up irrigation. We are in the first part of these tasks removing fencing and finalizing layouts, its a lot of this:

And, of course! Here is an update on our ducks (they have grown so much) and our laying hens ( and roosters) who are now inhabiting version two of their movable home, and our no longer so baby chicks:


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