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Lil' Quick Garden

When we first moved in this fenced in area was covered in fake grass and we wanted to get a garden going asap. As soon as things thawed we ripped out the astro turf covering the whole area- gross! Grabbed some of the miles of five board horse fence we took down throughout the property- lots of new fence work to do now- and made simple 4' x 4' planters. We dumped in equal parts of peat moss, vermiculite and compost then planted our favorite seeds from johnny's and fedco. We got some wheel barrows of craiglist to use as additional planters too.

The garden is doing spectacularly well. We have a bunch of other things on our plate and admittedly I do prefer hanging with the animals than tending to gardening but that said- this little garden is going strong providing us with : salads, camomille, basil, the most delish tomatoes, mustard greens, dill, tarragon, oregano, peppers, mint, peas, borage, cumin, tyme, carraway, grapes...

We did some power washing too.. and now eat under the grape trellis and play petanque (french version of bocci) on the gravel. The tarp you see in the picture above is to kill the terrible spiky weeds that are growing through the gravel.


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