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Weekly Update 4/3

This week we took care of animals a decent amount and did some legwork to augment our fleet! Through The Livestock Conservancy (amazing group check them out) we found leads for the heritage and endangered Beveren, Hotot and American Rabbits and Dutch Belted Cows we have been searching for! We are hoping that by the end of summer we will have some rabbits and cows.

The baby ducks have grown! The 10 hens are consistently laying 6 eggs a day or more after being here one week. At first they were only laying 2 to 3, so 6 seems good! The baby chicks that were supposed to arrive this week got pushed back because they didn’t hatch right.

We received more trees and our irrigation supplies arrived. The masks we made last week got picked up and are hopeful in use protecting people. We now have an owl home facing east and! the field where all the gophers are reeking havoc…. We have a fencing plan and will be ordering supplies this weekend. Carlos started clearing the fence line and this weekend Luke, Qj, Ariane and I will give it a go to help move it along. We have a plan for our ponding water at the stables. We are well on our way to new and improved iteration # 2 of our mobile chicken house which is great news because I was unable to move the first one on my own!


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