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Weekly Update 4/10

This week! Major fence clearing and take down! We also dug a trench and filled it with gravel and reformed drive for rainwater management, put up curtain rods and curtains in the farmhouse bedrooms, set up beds! Finally we get to sleep on beds; I am so excited! Got baby lady chicks that will one day become laying hens, Glen may have gotten a bit jealous! We got a mix of cold weather laying hens while waiting for our Australorps and Brahmas. I might have given the ducks a big bonafide bath! Continued to learn about bees in our online Cornell course and ordered our final bee necessities! We received more trees and are getting closer to final layouts. Marked trees that need to come down, started building version 2 of our mobile hen coop, cooked a lot, moved big tree bits out of the way and finalized our logo! Oh yeah and fixed the bloody chicken and duck waterers that were giving me hell!


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