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Welcome, Glen!

Say hello to Glen, our first (large, intentional, non-human) animal on the farm. We will see how much of a farm dog he will shape up to be; in the meantime, he’s got a funny concerned dog face and is more than a bit leaky. We are very happy to have him.

Want your own? Get a rescue dog! Glen was one of a litter of 6 from Social Tees, but there’s probably several great shelters near you.

Pro tip that we learned the hard way: lie! We got yelled at then hung up on by a Middletown shelter for saying our dog would be outdoors most of the day and that he would be in contact with other animals. How dare we, right? As you can tell, Glen has a rough life:

Want more Glen pictures? Here’s 300+

Yes, he’s a little bit spoiled:)


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